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Our Bathroom & Kitchen Resurfacing Before and After Photos

At North Coast Resurfacing, we are specialists in bathroom and kitchen resurfacing Port Macquarie. The premium resurfacing products chosen by North Coast Resurfacing have been created specifically with kitchen and bathroom resurfacing in mind (not re-purposed from other industries like some products) so you can be sure of a good-looking, hard-wearing result. You will be thrilled with our better, cheaper and faster alternative to your new kitchen, bathroom or restroom facilities.

Don’t rip out your bathroom or kitchen! Contact North Coast Resurfacing now and obtain a competitive bathroom or kitchen resurfacing quote today!

Kitchen Resurfacing Port Macquarie

Benchtop-Resurfaced Kitchen Renovation Kitchen Benchtop Resurfaced Kitchen Renovation Kitchen Renovation Kitchen Renovation Kitchen Resurfacing Kitchen Renovation

Bathroom Resurfacing Port Macquarie

Bath & Tiles Resurfaced Bathroom Resurfaced Bathroom Resurfaced2 Bathroom Vanity Resurfaced Blue Bath Before & After Clawbath B & A motel shower room Shower Resurfaced Vanity Resurfaced Bathroom Resurfacing Bathroom Renovation Shower Resurfacing

Commercial Resurfacing Port Macquarie

Motel Kitchen Benchtop Resurfaced Motel Ensuite Resurfaced Cabinets and Cupboards Resurfaced like new again Commercial Resurfacing Commercial Renovation

Bench top color samples

Faux Granite Finish – Flintstone II Colours 30 colors to choose from.

White Sands Terrain Travertine Tuscan Tan Travertine Grey Tahitian Sands Rocky Road Safari Tan Ridge Rock Riverstone Nightspots Oyster White Red Granite Jadestone Moonstone Great Granite Halifax Blue Galena Grey Graphite Fieldstone Fusion Dover White Fawn Charcole Slate Desert Stone Canyon Cliff Cappuccino Celestial Blue Black Onyx Brownstone Birchbark Bisque Autum Blaze Avalanch Amarillo Yellow


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